What We Do

What We Do

We specialise in providing private water supplies from boreholes, wells and alternative sources. We have a wide range of clients from dairy farms to private dwellings, plant nurseries and even wildlife parks. Complete design, supply and installation of water pumping systems. Repair, maintenance and servicing of existing systems. Borehole maintenance, pump removal and refitting. Iron and manganese removal specialist, authorised Shakesby iron removal system distributor.

Extracting Your Water

We can extract water from your borehole...

Whether you already have a water source or are considering a borehole, ascertaining the availability of water is the first step towards having a private water supply. We can guide you through this process, assessing viability of an existing source or recommending a trusted borehole driller.

Pumps and Filtration

We know all about pumps and filters...

Purchasing pumps and filters online can be confusing if you are trying to repair your own system but we have lots of experience and great suppliers so we can choose the perfect equipment for your requirements.

Many of our installations provide water of drinkable quality, generally water will require some level of treatment to get to this point.

We use high quality multistage filtration as necessary and ultraviolet light to remove unwanted bacteria and odour.

Testing Water Quality

Full chemical and bacteriological water testing...

We carry out full chemical and bacteriological water testing so that we can design a treatment process to bring the water quality up to the required standard – this will depend upon its end use.

Iron Removal

Quality iron removal systems...

With 35 years of experience their knowledge and expertise means that they are one of the market leaders in the removal of heavy metals which naturally occur in some water sources.

Shakesby® Industrial Iron Removal Filters offer exceptional performance and reliability for almost any private water supply with a flow rate of 2m3/hr to in excess of 100m3/hr. Shakesby’s well-proven water treatment systems offer distinct advantages:

High performance
up to 99.9% of iron removed
High efficiency
all systems are tailored to your precise requirement
Low operating costs
no salt, low water usage in backwash and minimal servicing

Moving Your Water

Moving your water to where it's needed...

After extraction and treatment of water, we install a bespoke system to move the water to where it is required and stored if necessary.

Maintenance and Servicing

Regular maintenance will increase efficiency...

As with all things regular maintenance will increase efficiency and longevity of your system.

With a potable (wholesome) water supply annual changes of the UV lamp will ensure proper disinfection of the water. With a new system filters should be monitored initially to assess the levels of contamination and a suitable replacement schedule can then be implemented. Water quality can be gauged by periodic water sampling and from these results adjustments to disinfection, filtration and iron removal can be made.

We repair and maintain many quality systems that have been installed by others so if you have an existing system that needs maintenance or is not working as expected, we can quote for necessary work and ongoing servicing.

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We are a second generation family business drawing on many years of engineering experience.
In order to design an effective and efficient system we will meet with you and discuss your requirements. In general we will want to know your approximate predicted water usage and what the end purpose is for the water. We use data loggers and flow meters to test water use over a set period to ascertain peak usage periods where necessary. We will discuss possible geographical and planning restrictions and consider any groundwork that may be required in advance of an installation.



Every job is different and approached on an individual basis, here are some examples of our projects.

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